State-of-the-Art Waste Disposal

The Ponderosa Regional Landfill is designed and monitored in accordance with the US EPA’s Subtitle D requirements.

In August 2013, the Ponderosa Regional Landfill opened in Laredo, Texas. Located 11 miles east of Loop 20 (Bob Bullock Loop) on Texas Highway 359, this South Texas landfill site has 499 acres, with 347 acres dedicated to waste disposal for the area’s municipal solid waste needs.

The Ponderosa provides the safest and most advanced waste disposal services to the region. The site accepts municipal solid wastes primarily from Webb, Jim Hogg, Zapata, and La Salle counties. Other special wastes may be accepted at the Ponderosa Regional Landfill with prior approval from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. Regulated hazardous waste, radioactive wastes, asbestos wastes, or industrial wastes are not accepted at the Ponderosa Regional Landfill.


• $30 per ton
• $10 Min. for all loads under a ton
• $10 per Truck Tire
• $6 per Passenger Tire

Additional charges may apply.

The Ponderosa Landfill is an advanced waste disposal site that meets all US EPA’s Subtitle D requirements. The landfill employs a modern liner system that includes at least 3 feet of re-compacted clay, a 60-mil high density polyethylene plastic liner, and a leachate collection system.

The Ponderosa Regional Landfill includes 152 acres for natural vegetative buffers, wetlands, stormwater control features, native range land, and entrance facilities. Durable roadways allow dependable entry to the site for customers even during times of inclement weather. In-bound and out-bound scales, in addition to the electronic ticketing system, are premium components of the sophisticated control systems utilized by the Ponderosa Regional Landfill.

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Santiago Morado
Operations Manager

Antonio Amaro
Scale House & Administration Manager

10705 State Hwy 359
Laredo, TX 78046
11 Miles east of Loop 20 on Hwy 359